Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back, Stepping Forward

                As 2013 comes to an end, I find myself thinking of my friends Peter and David, both of whom died far too young during this past year. Their families are spending these holidays with a hole in their hearts, one that will not be closed anytime soon.

                I cannot bring Peter or David back, nor can I heal their families’ wounds. But I can enter 2014 with a desire to live each moment fully; it’s the least I can do to honor these dear men. As I near age 43, it’s time, I think, to focus less on what’s next and more on what’s now. As I enter my mid-40s, it’s time to think less about checking off the to-do list and more about checking off the bucket list. Life, ultimately, is less about getting the errands done than it is about doing the things that fulfill us. It’s more about discovering what we could do than it is about tallying up what we should do.

                So here’s to a new year of resolutions, best intentions and fresh starts. Here’s also to those who leave us with legacies and memories. They may not be with us in the flesh anymore, but they offer us an inspiration that we can carry with us every day, no matter what the year.